DarkX – Black

DarkX – Black




Shake The Blackness…

If you can


But Don’t Stay Down

Don’t Give up



7 responses to “DarkX – Black

        • Wow, I like that…

          Hey, I Fixed The 4th Song on this Post, looks like they Blocked it since I Posted it, so I added a Different Link.

          I’ll be listening to this one, lol

          Thanks Heloise


          • Indeed it wasn’t working, cool it’s nice 🙂
            I haven’t been on your forum again since the login process, “missing time” which I do need for my writing Lol
            Mmmm! Really good this set, I’m listening while typing 😉

            • Thanks for joining the Forum, yeah, just starting to get it going, we’ll see how it goes… There’s maybe 4 or 5 of us Chatten on there so far

              You’re welcome to join in on any of the conversations, or start your own

              Glad you like these Tunes, I really like the one you Linked… Have listened to it many times… I also added a Link to it on this Sites Guest Music Page

              Thanks Heloise

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