DarkX – Electric

DarkX – Electric




Unleash (Start Each One Right Before the one before Ends)

In You…

Walk The Air

Beaten Around…

Lay Thee Down…


6 responses to “DarkX – Electric

    • Well, that is just Awesome… You sure know how to get a “Boy’s” Attention, lol Or at least this Boy… As I love, love, love this kind of Music

      Here is a Taste of what I liked when I was a Wee Lad (a kid)

      Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene Part II

      His Father is Maurice Jarre, a Film Composer, perhaps you’ve heard of him

      A Bit slower than the Music these days, but this Album is like 20 or 30 years old, so not bad

      Thanks for the reply Heloise, you made my day


      • Hey DarkJade,
        Perfect then 😉
        Now you gonna laugh (I hope) I thought you were a gal, go figure… the wonders of one’s perception 😉
        Anyway I’m glad you love it!
        I know JM Jarre but did not know his father was a film composer. Actually, I listened to it too when I was a little kid, my parents had a bunch of vinyls, mostly classic or stuffs from the ’70 but some of Vangelis & JM Jarre which I liked a lot, Oxygène and Equinox especially, my dad used to paint on this; in fact I think I got that exact vinyl as a gift once. hum, I really should look for them at my mother’s home.

        I really really enjoy & love this blog’s idea of yours, I’m gonna create a link in my blogroll!

        Have a nice & musical evening DJ, I’m gonna try ending my “to do” list now and finally get back 2 writing 🙂


        • No worries, I’ve had a few that I know about that thought I was a Girl… It’s either the name “Jade”, which is often associated with a Female, but I found out is used for both Males and Females…

          Or it’s because I’m “Sensitive/Emotional”, which I blame my Mom for, as I grew up with a Single Mom, lol

          No Dad pushing me out the door to Play Football, ha

          I also grew up listening to Oxygene, Equinox and Live From China in regards to JM… Also Zoolook, which was a big strange, lol

          Also Tangerine Dream, and Vangelis as well

          My Mom also had quite a few Vinyls around, and may still somewhere.

          Yes, as I have 5 Blogs, my To Do List has also been falling a bit behind this week… Though part of that is I’m in the process of trying to Self Publish some Poetry from my “The Written Word”/Main Blog

          Thank you for putting this Site on your Blog Roll… It is Truly my Escape Blog… I do Post some Music Posts on “The Written Word”, but those are mostly about Specific Artists, or some Playlists.

          DarkX is much more about what goes on inside of us, beyond Words

          Thank you for the Comment, and your Kind Words


          • Yep it’s the name “Jade” : )
            Better sensitive than being a JAss lol

            I don’t know the others you mentioned but I’ll check them out when I’ve a minute : )

            That’s amazing, go for it : )
            I’m actually writing a book too and as soon as I’m done reviewing and adding text (can’t stop improving Lol) I’ll send the manuscript : ) or self publish (I’m gonna follow a conference about the kindle self publishing program, sounds very interesting to do and especially for you in English! in French i ‘m not yet sure it’s the smartest move)

            Beyond words, indeed… things are not always meant to be spoken, and what are words…

            Off i go writing, take care & success with the publishing!!!

            • I originally used the name “Jade” as a female Character when I was a kid, when I began Writing a Novel called “One Knight”.

              At the end of last year I decided to try to Write that Story, as I hadn’t touched it since I was 10 or 11 years old.

              I started to from scratch as I don’t know where the original Writing is, and Created what was/is my 2nd Blog “One Knight” http://oneknight68.wordpress.com/one-knight-the-story/

              I also invited a couple Writers to do their own Creative Writing on the Site, just to keep the Blog interesting, but that Link Above is My Writing of “One Knight”.

              The Second time I used the name “Jade”, was in my Screenplay, “White Jade”, which is the name of an Order of Japanese Priests in that Story. So, there is a history for me with the name Jade.

              “Dark” comes from my Film Making Company Name which was “DarkLight Films”… So I just combined “Dark” with “Jade”, lol A little History for yah.

              What kind of Book are you Writing?

              And thank you for the best wishes in regards to Self Publishing, I’m very Excited about it… I’m currently working on Uploading my First Book, which is a Short Book of Poems that I Wrote on my Main Site… Here is the Site where I’m uploading my First Book https://www.createspace.com/

              I believe they are an affiliate to Amazon Books, so I as well will be looking into making it available for The Kindle Device.

              Thank you for your Comments, Interest and Kind words Heloise


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