DarkX – Intervene

DarkX – Intervene

Come In…


She’ll Be Right With You…

She comes from behind him, takes his hand… Moves him to the Dance Floor… He is surprised, but complies…

“Are you here alone” she asks….

“I am” he replies.

They move as one in the middle of hundreds of people, the music fills them, all about them the lights flicker… Red… Yellow… Green… Blue

Time stands still

Suddenly all goes dark… Save the blue lights, which keep on flashing… But the People are all gone…

Save you… And Her…

And You Thought You Were Alone

When the song ends, he takes both her hands, and looks into her eyes…

“But… You’re Not Really Here?”

She Smiles…

“Then we must be on Borrowed Time…” she replies

“One more dance?” she asks

And So They Dance

Come Dance With Me


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