DarkX – Turquoise Flow

DarkX – Turquoise Flow




At First You Don’t Succeed

Fly… Fly… Again

And If They Try To Take Your Wings…

Do Not Let Them…

Never… Let Them





8 responses to “DarkX – Turquoise Flow

    • I’m Glad to see you… I definitely notice when you’re not around, and I’ve Missed you…

      I’m glad you like them, I need to do some more, I’ve been so busy Redesigning my Dark Globe Site, we’ve got like a dozen Writers, and 5 or so Photographers, so the Site is really taking off.

      I’ve also been Focusing a lot on My Self Publishing, I should get 7 Different Colored Versions of my Poetry Book, and will be giving My 3 Favorite Colors to the Local Book Store that is going to be Carrying it.

      Glad to see you, I’ll try to Post some New one’s on DarkX, it helps me to Relax to do them.

      I’ll Add Your ATB Video to The DarkX Guest Music Page, along with your other Videos that you’ve shown me. And I will be doing a Post at some point with All Heloise Videos, hee hee.

      I hope you are well


      • Hey DarkJade, I had not received your comments buy e-mail, sorry!
        I just went to check out your new look, great job indeed! You owe to do your blog via wordpress.org instead of .com
        I should too but I’m too busy at the moment figuring out how.

        Yeah I read your mail & your success at the bookstore, that is so cool!!! I actually never thought of that idea, i’ll keep that in mind (:

        Lol & it relaxs me to listen to them …

        hehe thanks!

        I’ve published the e-book about fruits on amazon, but i still need to figure out some stuffs, i’ll post it about it next time on my blog.
        And I need to keep improving my actual book, but I think i’ll edit it like yours on paper with createspace and then on the kindle as an ebook, ‘coz just the kindle in French, it’s not yet known here enough to get to many people.

        I wanted to read yours this weekend but my mom was here and blablabla, I’ll tough soon ‘coz I like your style!

        Success with the DarkGlobe and your bookS 🙂

        • Say Hello to Mama, eh… lol

          I’m very close to My Mom, no worries

          I’d like to see your ebook, do you have a link to it on Amazon? Actually, it’s in French so far right?

          I’m Glad the Music Relaxes you, I finally threw a New One up… I often Write to Trance, and that’s mainly how I come across Songs that I like

          I’m Very Excited about The Bookstore, I’ve got Three Copies in there right now, Three Different “Spring” ish Colors, lol

          Thank You, and Success with Your Book and Books as well

          Let me know if you have any Issues with CreateSpace, also Their Customer Service is Awesome.

          Thanks for the Lovely Comment Heloise


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