DarkX – 24 Hour Trance-Athon Goin On

DarkX – 24 Hour Trance-Athon Goin On




Aryon Is Doin a 24 Hour Trance-Athon Right Here Save Our Club

They’re Trying To Save The Ground Breaking Club Ministry of Sound in London from being Knocked Down for Housing.

For More Info. or to Fill Out a Petition Go Here Ministry of Sound Save Our Club

Either Way Join us for 24 Hours of Trance Music and Chat which Started almost 2 Hours ago, so 22 Hours 21 Minutes To Go!!


*Bring Your Own Snacks, lol

4 responses to “DarkX – 24 Hour Trance-Athon Goin On

  1. Excellent!
    I come here every time I need to chill, you know the feeling I guess, it’s 10pm and I’m like f* it’s late, I’ve done ‘nothing’ but working and tomorrow is Monday Lol
    I’m tweeting this one as well : )

    • Yeah I definitely know that feeling, lol… Took a 12 Hour Break Yesterday, was The Longest I’ve taken in a Long Time, ha

      Caught up on some Other Leisurely Activities, which is actually what lead me to This Guy, I was checking out #Trance on Twitter and Found him… Cool Guy, I stepped away for a Couple Hours, but Now I’m back and Plugged into his Audio Cast.

      Love Trance

      Monday Tomorrow, Ughh, lol… I kinda don’t do a lot of Work On Mondays these days, probably My way of Taken Back time from when I was in Corporate America, lol

      Well, I do Write, but I don’t do other types of Work on Monday Much anymore, lol

      Thanks for The RT, I Followed Your Twitter With My DJWrittenWord Twitter Account, which is My Main Blog… So DWWrittenWord is Me, lol Only Created it a Couple Days ago, just got on Twitter on My Other Main Blog DarkGlobe1, I Now have 3 Twitter Accounts, lol… I should Probably Make one for This Site

      Glad that you find This Place a Good Place to Chill, that is the Whole Reason I created the Site… So that I could Chill, and Take People with me… Glad You’re With me… I always Start to Miss You and then you Appear, lol


  2. A little something
    for you (:

    Great idea regarding the “Monday” : ) Now I’m working mostly in the city on Monday’s, otherwise if I don’t, I’m not very productive here lol

    I’ll look for your new twitter account then : )

    Fyi I’m in the process of hosting my blog and working with wp.org, the transfer worked out “fine” but the hosting is too slow, so I’ll need to re-transfer again lol, so you might wanna keep this link http://www.purenrgy.com (and not the wordpress.com link) This one will always lead to the right blog : )

    Haaa that’s called “synchronicity” : )

    Enjoy your evening DJ : )

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