DarkX – Gifts From Heloise

DarkX – Gifts From Heloise




Gifts from My Dear Friend Heloise







Thank You Heloise


4 responses to “DarkX – Gifts From Heloise

  1. Hehe cool!
    Thanks a lot DarkJade : )
    I just added your DarkX to my “new” blogroll on the new blog (purenrgy.com)
    The blog isn’t finished yet but I’m getting there : ) Now let’s hope the “move” is worth it 🙂
    The blogroll was not forward to the new hosting. For the rest almost everything did, except the widgets and then some posts appearing twice, the “wordpress like” button and option is gone, … but I *think* the followers will still get the updates by email. I’ll post a new article tomorrow probably and hopefully you will all receive it : ) I’ll copy you by email the wp.com vs wp.org to answer your previous question but basically it means more freedom, better looking design, sponsored links/articles are allowed (which I had to refuse until now) BUT not great qua SEO since you’ve to do it yourself (no trafic coming from wordpress.com, not seo done by wp)

    ok let’s enjoy some music now while “optimalizing” : )

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