DarkX – Recurrence

DarkX – Recurrence







Inherently Cool

End Out




5 responses to “DarkX – Recurrence

  1. Nice! But I did not like the Daft Punk one, don’t even remember it playing during the Tron movie. lol
    Now, I really enjoyed the last one!!! thanks DJ 🙂

    • Yah know It’s not the Song, but The Scene that I Love that they used it…

      Here’s The Scene, and when Jeff Bridges (Flynn) comes in, they Change it to a Great Song


    • You’re right though, If I had heard it without seeing it in the Scene, it might have been a bit Grinding, lol

      But yeah, it leads into one of My Favorite Scenes in the Movie, which is when Jeff Bridges Arrives, and the Whole TRON World Shifts as he touches the Floor… Totally Awesome, Jeff Bridges is one of My Favorites, lol

      Thanks for your Comments H


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