DarkX – Disarming

DarkX – Disarming






Side To Side…

And There


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    • You Always Find The Best Songs H… This really got me

      The Video actually Reminds me of the Fantasy Novel I’m Writing…

      It’s about a Young Girl, who has Blond/Almost White Hair, and Bright Blue Eyes… But she finds out she’s not originally from this “Realm/World/Plane”

      She’s Summoned to the “Realm/World/Plane” where she was Originally From, and when she gets Hostile, her Hair Turns Black… The way it was when she Originally Lived there

      Just an Awesome Song, and Cool Video H

      Oh, and My Birthday is in September, Hee Hee… When is yours?


      • Thanks DJ!
        Sounds like an amazing story, let me know when it’s finished!

        LOL then I’m quite early but then it’s always a good day to celebrate our birth-day right 😉 Mine is in December…


        • I’ll be sure to let you know, hoping to Self Publish it in the Fall

          And I don’t mind Early Birthday Presents Lol

          Sagittarius? I’m a Libra myself


          • It’s weird but for a while now I don’t received your replies by e-mail, I’ve the same issue on another blog too, I’ll try commenting with hotmail instead of gmail maybe…

            Fall is good to launch new books.

            Nope, a Capricorn, 30/12 : )

            Re-listening to the Big Sky, love it really!

            • Ahh yeah, you make it in to Capricorn… My Brother is Jan 7th, also a Capricorn… And My Best Friend in the World, no wonder I get along with you so well, Hee Hee

              No Worries about the Replies, I had an Emense amount of Issues with Gmail, as much as I liked the Format… I don’t rely on it for anything anymore…

              Yeah, I thought The Fall would be a nice time to Release a Book as well… Especially a “Fantasy Novel”… Settle in to a Cold night, and Read it with a Hot Drink, oh yeah

              Ah yeah, Big Sky is Great

              Thanks for your Comment H


              • 😉 Ah those Capricorn! Pretty strong willed, solitary, dark & deep but light in their own ways… yeah we’re the best Lol just kidding!

                I’m replying with my hotmail now, we’ll see 🙂

                Indeed, totally the kind of book you wanna read then!

                Listening to your new sets 🙂

                • My Brother is Definitely Strong Willed, Solitary, Dark & Deep… And Also Light like you say in His Own Way… And He is the Best, and You’re not bad either, Lol

                  Ah, I think You’ll Like this New Set, Definitely Had you in Mind when Building it…


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  2. Funny, that’s the way I feel about myself, I dunno if it’s the same for most Capricorn LOL but being born in the Winter, I guess it helps…

    Thanks! I’m just not able it seems to comment there, will try later again…

    Have a nice day DJ!

    • I am also Dark and Deep, and Very Independent… But I very much enjoy others Company… I just need to have time to myself as well… I don’t know if I’m “Light”, but I’m definitely Playful

      You have a good day too H


      • I get it. I love time to myself and I love free spaces, no crowd, but I do need to feel others living not too far away. With others, I’m pretty social though 🙂 but mostly outsiders will see me as a loner. Well we are who we are or who we want to be…

        Enjoy your day DJ 😉

        • Yeah, when I was young, I was very shy… Except with my Brother, My Mom and her Boyfriend…

          I have a pretty large family, and in my twenties, many of them would get upset at me because I didn’t go to every single family event… My Dad’s side of the family that is.

          Once I was in my 30’s, I think they gave up on me in that respect, Lol

          I lost both of my favorite Uncles in the last 5 years, which was hard… One was My Mom’s Younger Bro (He was only in his 50’s, but had, had a heart transplant, which got him into his 50’s, but not further), and one was My Dad’s Older Bro (He had, had a lot of health issues, but was able to stretch his life into the early 70’s)…

          I only mention this because the two of them were who really drew me to the Family Events when I did go… I loved each of them very much, they were Special/Amazing People…

          My Mom’s Brother was the Best Electric Blues Guitar Player I had ever seen… But he also had gone back to school and gotten a Masters Degree in History… I think you would have dug him…

          One of his old Friends once put some Video footage of him in a “Music Jam” from like 1991-92 on YouTube

          Here it is… He’s the one on the left playing Guitar and Singing… He couldn’t really sing, well, maybe in a “Mick Jagger” kind of way, Lol… Close your eyes and listen to his “Guitar Solo”… He was Amazing


          • Wow thanks for sharing DJ. It’s beautiful and so nice to have such memories! I’m sure he was amazing and still living trough your memories 🙂
            I’ve never been a big fan of family gathering but I go once in a while to meet some of them I really do appreciate. We lived “far” from my mom’s family and the little family my dad had was not super friendly but living across our house. I was an only child, one of my cousin too so he was like my brother, it’s nice we can still connect sometimes trough these reunions …
            Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it.
            When my gran died end of 2010, I went to visit her that night and before leaving I suddenly remember something, I turned back and told her I loved her. It was the first time (for both of us). It’s sad it took all these years for us to be able to forget, forgive and just share love, but I’m just happy I did say it 🙂 it is something to remember.

            • That’s very cool that you got to say it… I think my Mom’s Dad died in the Hospital with her in the room… That’s tough, though I suppose some might prefer it that way… Losing her Dad was very hard on her, as her Mom wasn’t the most “Affectionate” of woman, where her Dad was Openly Loving and Affectionate… If not a bit Controlling at times, Lol.

              An only Child, wow… One of My Best Friends was an Only Child… Wait, I take that back… He had too Older Brothers and an Older Sister, but they were form a Different Father, and it really felt like he was an Only Child.

              Really Neat kid though… Yeah, I’m one of Four Kids… I have a Brother that is 15 Months Younger, a Sister that is 4 Years Older, and a Sister (who had a different Dad), that is 8 Years older.

              Really growing up, it was Me, My Brother, My Mom and Her Boyfriend for the most part… I’ve probably mentioned that before.

              My Sisters weren’t around muh, one had a Boyfriend, and the other was Angry at My Mom about The Divorce, so wasn’t around much.

              I often feel like a Loner, I always have… As My Brother’s lived up North now for like 16 years… And for the most part, I’ve stayed South…

              As time went by, I’ve lost Most of My Best Friends, meaning they kind of moved on, generally Geographically… And I haven’t seen My Brother in over a Year, which is a long time for us… But he’s very tied up with his own Family, His Wife, and a 12 and 14 Year Old Boy.

              Other than that, My Best Friends in My Adult Life, other than my Brother, have generally been the Woman I’ve been with… So when that ends, so does the “Best Friendship” sadly… But, naturally… I’m on good terms with all of them, but hardly talk to any of them… Once again, naturally.

              Anyway, these days I get all the “Time to Myself” I would ever want, but not necessarily enough time with Friends, which is tough some times.

              I’m generally alone, or with My Mom and her Boyfriend who are two of My Best Friends. (I do have My Cat, Hee Hee)


  3. Yes, being with someone that close who is dying ain’t easy. You know it is the end, but you’ve the chance to really say goodbye and that’s a privilege…

    Funny how you say that, like being an only child is really something, lol.
    Actually, many people react that way, now that I think of it… or I act in some way and someone asks “are you an only child?” weird uh…
    And I lived in a big house, with no view on the street, plus by street I mean a very old one with only 5 properties and our neighbor = tower and a castle. Later on, came a real princes, she is an artist, not very liked by the royal family in fact and i loved her 🙂 My best friend at the time was the boy of the tower, then my cousin (both also only child) and then 2 sisters whom I went to school with.
    I never had many friends, never joined any children activities or such, and spent most of my time reading books alone. Funny story, one day the librarian called my parents telling them I was there earlier and wanted to borrow a book she thought would be much to hard for a child, so my dad decided to read it first and then said I could not read it. It was a true story of an intern in a psychiatric hospital.
    Anyway, reading books doesn’t shout “I’m social, be my friend” lol

    Since your brothers and sisters were much older, you must indeed have felt like an only child. It’s still nice though to have a brother that close (by heart I mean)
    Belgium is so small, South or North, it’s only 2-3 hours away : ) I guess in US’ it’s quite different : ) Everything is so relative…

    My best friend now is my boyfriend, and my mom : )
    The previous relationships were the same, just like you I guess, friendship ends with the relationship…

    Sometimes, I think that too…maybe having some friends would be nice, people I could call and do stuffs with, but I dunno, I don’t like the “commitment” thing most people seem to request. I’ve a friend who live not far from here, we email once in a while and we met once last summer, and it’s fine by me and by her. we’re cool that way. And I’ve still my 2 friends (sisters) from my childhood, we call once in a while, it’s nice when we meet and that’s good like this. But I’d not turn to them if I’d need to talk or share something very important, that’d still be my bf or my mom.

    I also have a friend I’ve never met, I think you’d like her too, she’s the one who read your book. I’ve a great connection to her, we email or write sometimes and if she does not hear from me for months it’s okay, and vice-versa : )
    That’s the kind of people I’ve only be able to be friend with. My best friend in high school was like that too, and we see each other like every 2 years, but if one day she’d need me I’d be there, and she’d for me. That’s nice, we’re free, no need to pretend, …the kind of person who you need to call every 2 days otherwise they make a scene, sorry not for me 😉

    I think you understand. Most people don’t get how others can become friends without having physically met, but I do, I don’t see why not… mind can meet mind, no physical meeting is required as far as I know…

    And btw, I’d not share this way if I wasn’t considering you as a friend, someone I’m learning to know but where the connection is “true”, yes “true” feels right here : )

    Ps: love cats, very independent by nature, say hi to yours 😉

    • You’re right, Cats are very Independent by Nature… Probably why I get along with them so well… Always have… We’ve had many Cats, and a couple Dogs when I was younger… But Dogs are a lot of work, or can be… Ours weren’t, because they were outside Dogs.

      Thank you for sharing so much with me, it sounds like you had a very interesting Childhood… Didn’t mean to make a big deal out of the Only Child Thing, I’ve just noticed that things are often very different for Only Children, meaning “Perspective” wise

      Though I’m extremely Independent, and a bit of a loner these days, while growing up, My Brother and I were Closer than Twins…

      He’s an Amazing Guy, but his Wife is really his Focus these days, has been for the last 16 years… Sounds like a good thing, but they are very different, and have had a lot of fighting over the years… And nearly separated a few years back. And now he fights with the oldest son all the time, which is hard on me… He really needs to do some counseling with he and his son, but seems to be resistant to it, as many people are.

      I don’t feel inclined to go out and do a bunch with Friends, I think I’m just spoiled by having a Best Friend when I’m involved in a Romantic Relationship, and then going from that, to nothing, Lol

      Not that my Friendships with My Mom and her Boyfriend is nothing, it isn’t… I Love them very much… We watch Movies, and Sports with one another…

      But I guess I miss being alone with a Woman, Watching a Film alone, or Eating Together, or watching shows together… And you’re right, you don’t have to meet someone face to face to be friends… We’re in a different world now… In my Experience, it’s kind of like learning the “Inside” of someone first, yah know

      Like “Letter Writing”, Intensified.

      The last Girl/Woman I was with I met online… She was in Florida, I was in California… We were together like 7 months before we finally met…

      Then a few months later, she got a job in Northern California, because that is where he Mom is from, and her Mom’s friend got her the Interview…

      We saw each other once a month for a couple years, and then I moved up there… We lived together for a year and a half, then we split… Basically because the issues we had the whole 4 1/2 years, never really got worked on, or through…

      That was last June… And in August I started my Blog, and the rest is History… I’m basically a Full Time Writer, Part Time Admin./Marketing Consultant for My Mom’s Boyfriend, The Architect.

      I Miss the Romantic Part of the Relationship, but more than that, I miss being with My Best Friend…

      But we weren’t growing together anymore, which is why My Past Relationship ended as well… It happens.

      Anyway, who knows, maybe I’ll meet someone someday, as a Kid I always wanted to Meet “The One”, but instead I’ve been in Love 4 times in my Life, lol… So I consider myself lucky, even though I am Alone now

      But like you, My Mom is My Best Friend, which is tough because she’s 70 now, and even though she seems healthy, it’s hard to think about not having her to talk to some day.

      Aye, this is like a Journal, Lol

      And I consider you a “True” Friend as well.


  4. Hey Friend!
    I wanted to take the time to write you back : )

    I love dogs too, but the big ones : ) Especially the German Shepard : )

    No worries, it’s just weird the only child thing seems to be a “big” deal for some people. You’re right, “we” (the Only Child) probably do have a total other perspective on things. Already how we relate to others. And for instance, I’ve never dealt well with groups. I also never considered having more than one child, not that it matters since I do not want one either. Also my parents separated when I was 12 so that did not help on the whole “let’s make a happy family” concept.

    Some people refuse to see what’s going on and they reject the help they urgently need. It’s strange how counseling or therapy means such a big deal to many people still nowadays. I’ve been to therapy and I’m not ashamed of it, in fact, it made me stronger and I know more about myself than many others which is great I find! Of course, being a therapist, I’d say it’s good for you LOL

    Yeah, hanging out with your family versus friends or within a romantic relationship, is different. I’ve never been alone for very long so I cannot really relate. I love my “m-time” but I love knowing someone is there by me.
    I like the way you put it, “learning the “Inside” of someone first”, I guess it is! I wonder how it feels, meeting face to face after so many months! The expectation …
    You don’t hear about long-distance relationship here because Belgium is a very small country, but someone told me about a job abroad the other day and I were wondering, would I be able to do that? Yeah of course I’d, but the impact on the relationship… and it’s more like you say about missing the friend!
    Some people can’t stay alone, but you’re better off alone than a bad relationship anyway. My previous one was also like you say “not growing together anymore” and then it doesn’t feel right nor good and once you say “stop now” it’s such a relief!
    Now, the pro is obviously all the time you get for yourself : ) You would not have written the book and enjoy so many blog post writing… And when you’ll be ready for something new, then it’ll come.

    Don’t we all? Dreamed about The One… but The One seems to be no one and everyone, it could be constant or ever changing, as long as you feel for Her/Him.
    Now if we consider love as unconditional, there’s no “special” relationship, Love is just that: Love. I’ve read an interesting article one day about that, I’m trying to apply it, meaning “get” it but it isn’t easy. But since I started on that path of “unconditional”, I feel more free as a being, not attached anymore to other’s opinions, it’s not that I don’t care because I do, but it won’t make me sad nor angry, … and when it does, I don’t bury it, I just let it come so it can go just as it came… it’s a long process I think : )

    My Mom is 68 and just like you, although she is healthy, sometimes the idea crosses my mind and I can’t imagine her being gone. Of course, I know She’ll always be with me, so that’s a reassuring thought : )
    Love doesn’t die right ; -)


    • We had a Dog that was Half German Shepard once… Attractive Dogs

      Siberian Huskies have always been My Favorite… Never got one cuz I found out that with their Thick Coats, they really Suffer in Southern California, and that’s not ok with me.

      Though My Sister just keeps her Malamute’s and Huskies in Her House, Lol… But they’re pretty big for that… Siberians can be smaller but I don’t know.

      I’ve always thought about having Two Kids, maybe because My Brother and I were so Close… He has Two Boys, and My sister has a Boy… I’m not sure I’ll ever have kids, who knows, largely will have to do with who I’m with… It needs to be something that both want together… And even then, it’s an “Amazingly” Huge Life Time Responsibility… I don’t take Having Kids Lightly at all… Though I do Love Kids, most of that Love goes towards My Nephews, and My Kitty, Lol

      Maybe 10 years ago, when I hit a Point, an Epiphany really, that I realized “Hey, I may need to do this Life and Dreams thing by Myself… For a moment, I thought maybe I would just “Adopt” kids on my own if I decided I wanted kids… As I was brought up by a Single Parent, My Brother and I are “Single Parents” by Nature… Meaning, we could pretty much do it by ourselves, and to a degree, he often has…

      But being 10 years beyond that now, I’m really not sure that I will ever have kids… Either way is ok, but still, I think about how I would have liked to Parent sometimes… It comes so Naturally to me, as My Mom was/is a Great Parent.

      My Mom and Dad split when I was 2, he was Secretly Seeing his High School Sweetheart… Everyone seemed to know it, but My Mom… And once she figured it out, they Split… Two years later he came back, and they got The Home My Mom Lives in now, that I grew up in, and am actually at at the moment… They tried to make it work, but My Mom realized that she had moved on, partly due to the fact that she did Years of Therapy between the two splits, and had really gotten to know herself… My Dad on the other hand, went to one session with her, and would never go back, Lol… Some people’s Pasts are Just Too Hard/Painful for them to Rehash… I respect that..

      And so she asked him to leave… And it was mostly My Mom, My Brother, Me and later My Mom’s Boyfriend…

      In My Experience, “Good Therapists” Ask the Right Questions… And the Patients Figure things out for their selves, with the Guidance of the Therapist… They don’t simply “Fix” Patients, or “Tell Them What to Do”…

      As far as the “Happy Family” Concept, I think of every Situation as its Own Unique Thing… Thus, I was never Opposed to Getting Married… I was Married once, but only for a Year.

      I’ve Never been the type to Hop from one Relationship to another… I’m very Selective with who I give My Heart to… And so, I have had periods where I am Alone between Relationships… It’s Hard sometimes, but I find that I “Grow Immensely” during these Periods.

      And Heal.

      As far as “Expectations” when Finally Meeting someone that you’ve talked to for a while prior… I’m not big on “Expectations” in General… Expectations Literally “Bury” Relationships before they even get a shot at working… I’m not saying that there aren’t some in the back of my head, but for the most part, I do not Embrace the Concept of Expectations… I’ve seen it “Obliterate” way too many Decent Relationships… The Truth is, The Best Chance a Relationship has is if the person is Seeing and Being “With That Person”, as Opposed to some Fantasy that they’ve built in their Head, which is usually Derived of things they didn’t get from their Past, Etc… Be it in their Upbringing, or Previous Relationships… I think it is Very Important to be aware of what You’re Bringing into a Relationship, Meaning “What Issues” you are Bringing with you, so that during the New Relationship, you can try to keep them Separate, or at least “Admit” that you have them, and Talk about it with the New Person… If you just “Expect”, than you are Destined to be Disappointed… As Nothing inside your Head will ever Match anyone that You Meet in Real Life… And to be Honest with you, and this is coming from a “True Dreamer”… I have found that Many of My Realities with People, whether the Relationship lasts or not, are Better than Anything I had ever been able to Imagine…

      There is simply “No Anima” in Fantasies/Expectations, you know… They’re generally just “Fear Based” Hopes… The Truth is, it’s best to just get to know someone as much as you can, and see what happens… Be Honest about what your wants, hopes and dreams are… Work on the Relationship… Together… And Like I always say, “Compatibility” is one of the Most Important Aspects of a “Successful” Relationship… Yes, Opposites Attract, but those Relationships are often very “Volatile”… Which can be a Good/Exciting thing, but they’re definitely More Work.

      Which is ok too… But Trust must be “Earned”, and then “Maintained”… And Intimacy is Precious, Hard Earned, and Beautiful… And I mean All Levels of Intimacy, yah know… Emotional… Spiritual and Physical.

      Romantic Relationships are a Choice… Monogamy is a Choice… And it’s Imperative that Both Parties Work on it… One of the most important aspects of that is, to “Make” or “Create” time Alone together… In the Busyness of Life, that is often forgotten… And without it, the Relationship changes into something else… Which can lead to people Moving on whether they want to or not… So it must be maintained.

      Wow, I’m really Writing away here, Lol

      You’re right, it is a Relief to get out of a Relationship that isn’t Growing… And it is better to be Alone than be in a Bad Relationship… And during this last 10-11 Months, which is how long I’ve been Alone since I broke up last June, I have been able to Go Pretty Deep with My Writing… But I was with her for 4 1/2 years, so it’s been a good stretch to go through letting her go, healing, and opening myself up for Love again.

      As far as “Unconditional Love”, I find that really mostly Applies towards Family Members, or Long time Friendships yah know… I feel in a Romantic Relationship, “Unconditional Love” can often lead people to staying in “Unhealthy” relationships for longer than they should…

      People saying “But I Love Him/Her”… I have to say, Love isn’t enough… Both have to want it, Both have to Work at it… And like I say, “Compatibility” is Huge.

      And as far as there being “A One”, I suppose for some there is, or might be… But certainly not for everyone… In my case, like I say, I’ve been in Love 4 Times, and I Loved and don’t regret any of the Relationships… We had our Time, Ran Our Course, and Moved on… All of them make sense to me as to why we’re not together anymore.

      I do know what you mean about there not being a “Special Love”… My dad once gave me this book, maybe 12 years ago, I forget the name of it… But basically it talked about how there is no one person that you can love… The Love you feel is “From You”, and thus you can Feel it for potentially Many different People… It will be different every time

      There are lots of reasons that we get “Overly” attached to people… Often it has to do with “Abandonment” Issues from when we were young… I had My First Love, 8 year Relationship, we were together 4 years too long in my opinion… But how would I know, she was my First Love… And we were always friends, we just weren’t in love. My Second Love was with a very good friend from work… Now that broke off after a few months, and I can truly say, I was “Crushed”… Had nightmares about her for about a Year after that, Lol… But I feel that it affected me that way because after having the 8 year kinda “Grey” relationship, and then Experiencing True Love with My Best Friend, it was hard to then lose it so quickly… Especially for a Romantic, which I am, Lol… My Third Love was “WHAM”, Lol… it was right after My Epiphany about maybe “Doing Life Alone”, in fact I met her that same night, Lol… But, we Married One Year and One day Later, and Separated One year after that… So… Never saw that coming… The Marriage, or Separation… But My Feeling is about that Relationship, that during the year we were Married, each of us had some difficult issues going on Individually, and so we never really had a chance.

      My Fourth Love was My last… We made very good friends over the Internet for 7 months, like I say… Then saw each other every month… Then Lived together a year and a half, and like I’ve said before, we didn’t work on our issues… And so they Buried us.

      And Here I am, ha… Long reply… Oh well


      • Love Huskies too : ) Actually I love any wolf-like dog : )
        I grew up with German Shepard but the neighbor had a huskies too : )

        Exactly my pov: kids = “Amazingly” Huge Life Time Responsibility

        I know all about that kind of situation, my parents separated for the same reason, except it took years and it wasn’t only one time, but sometimes people need time to realize or ‘coz of the children aren’t able to make the right decision, at the end everyone gets hurt… well it does not matter as long as we don’t repeat these mistakes : )

        “In My Experience, “Good Therapists” Ask the Right Questions… And the Patients Figure things out for their selves, with the Guidance of the Therapist…” totally agree, I only had one and she did an amazing job with me, I’m still alive he he : ) but she always made me think and ask myself the right questions too, she told me i was doing the work.

        “I think it is Very Important to be aware of what You’re Bringing into a Relationship, Meaning “What Issues” you are Bringing with you, so that during the New Relationship, you can try to keep them Separate, or at least “Admit” that you have them, and Talk about it with the New Person… If you just “Expect”, than you are Destined to be Disappointed… “ YES, very very true, sadly it’s not often the case since people aren’t often aware of their own issues. But in the age, I think more and more are open to look inside and see the truth.

        Well you sure have had experiences in relationships, even being married : ) That’s great you took time to heal! Something I have never been able to do lol

        Yes indeed, it’s something like that, you can feel the Love for many different people. Starting with yourself : )

        They should give us lectures about personal development at school instead of religion, geography or whatever crazy stuffs i had to learn and totally forgot lol

        But like my mom said the other day “they don’t even know themselves so how could they teach it” true enough…

        Thanks for sharing DarkJade

        PS: i can’t find anymore the comment you did about the movies you like, it’s on another of your blog but where … : (

        • Do you mean the Movies that “Remind me of Me”? Those would be “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (I have a lot of Ferris in me, Lol), “Hackers” (The Lead Character Dade/Johnny Lee Miller, The Music and Visuals), “Good Will Hunting” (I was never Physically Abused like Matt Damon’s Character, but I get “Not Fitting in” with people around you because “You’re Different”… I was Good at Math as well)… And “Searching For Bobby Fisher” (The kid is like 90% the way I was as a kid, and I was also Good at Chess… Maybe not as good as the kid, Lol… But I was like him, and definitely had a hard time Connecting with My Dad… My Dad didn’t get me, and never tried to)

          Those are the Movies that Remind me of Me…

          If you Mean Movies that I like then Here’s a List of Many “I LIke” http://darkjade68.wordpress.com/killer-flicks/


        • And I Agree about the School thing, the Therapist that I saw for a bit is Writing an Amazing Book that would be a Great thing to Give an 18 Year Old, Developmentally that is… But chances are, they’d never read it, Lol

          Oh well, I’ve Read a lot of it


            • The Therapist I worked with here and there was the same one that My Mom saw years before… And also the one that she did some “Training” under… Neat guy.

              But you’re right, there might be a way to get 18 year old’s to read it, but it’s pretty Deep Life Altering stuff… Seems to me most people that young are more interested in just Living, more than being shown a guideline to help them live, yah know… Teenagers are Rebels, Lol… Even if they’re shy, they’re still often Rebels


                • I’d love to Introduce a book like the one he’s writing/written to Teenagers though, the right people doing it the right way, could probably make a difference.

                  I Love this Post, it’s become like a Wall Mural of our Friendship, Lol


                  • Indeed, it’s mostly a question of timing and how you present things, well you know all about marketing 😉

                    I love the way you put it, that’s right and it’s nice : )

                    Take care DJ.

                    Ps: just deleted one of your email account and only kept one to be sure : )

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