DarkX – Calibrate

DarkX – Calibrate





And… Alive


From Heloise…


Have A Good Weekend


10 responses to “DarkX – Calibrate

  1. hehe, I see you’ve created a new set : ) I’ll listen to them tomorrow, thank you!!!

    In a total different style, these are some of my favorite “girly upbeat” songs, I like to listen when I’m cooking, cleaning… fun & want to make you move : )

    Neon Hitch
    Black & Blues

    Kaskade feat Dragonette
    Fire in your new shoes

    5 am

    Oh Land
    Sun of a Gun

    Kids of 88
    Just a little bit

    Enjoy the weekend 🙂

    • Those are Awesome H… That Kaskade Song is Bad A$$… Love The Music… I Created Another “Music From A Friend Post” on The Dark Globe, with all of these Songs/Videos… I Hope that’s ok? Here’s The Link http://thedarkglobe.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/more-song-from-my-friend-have-a-good-weekend/

      I Like Having Music on That Site from Time to Time… I have Music on The Written World, but I think More People might Enjoy it on The Dark Globe

      Thanks for Sharing, and let me know if you’d rather I didn’t Post Songs you Share with me.

      Have a Great Weekend, and Thank You… Also, I think you’ll like this Set.


      • Good Morning DarkJade!
        Nice, this is more relaxing, still quite dynamic, something I could listen while writing. Trying to catch up on that with no distraction and I’m unable to write on most music, I mean the kind of writing I’m doing at the moment (practical, deep thinking…) As soon as I listen to music, I wanna write poetry or draw, play with colors, or something 😉

        Thank you for the post you created with these songs, that’s fine by me 🙂
        Yeah I really find too ’bout the Kaskade!

        I’ll share a few others another time if you like!

        Ok, better get this day “started” now, with your music playing in the background for now.

        Have a great day!

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