DarkX – Spring

DarkX – Spring










Spare Them




6 responses to “DarkX – Spring

        • Wow, that is Awesome…

          I’ve now decided that this needs to be The Opening Credit Theme Song for My New “Vampire” Television Series that I must Write, Lol

          I just Created a Blog Series Called “Allure”, which would probably be Perfect… I don’t care if “Vampire” Stories have been done too much, they haven’t been done By Me!! Lol


          • I think you mentioned a Vampire story, I did not realize it was for a TV series, that’d be great, I love Vamp stories (yep I’m a girl LOL) Actually I was about to read further in the last book by Charlaine Harris, those aren’t the best but it’s fun, relaxing…

            This song Space is pretty awesome indeed for such a story I believe. 🙂

            I’ll check your Allure when it’s online then : ) but mostly I wait for a few chapters then copy them and paste them into a word, much easier for me to rad, I don’t enjoy much the blog format for stories I must admit.

            I’m following 2 awesome fanfictions based on Charlaine Harris’s books. And I read the one by Terri Botta who is an amazing writer, and by Malanna which you’d love I believe but she had health issues and stopped 😦 Here was her blog http://malanna.wordpress.com/fan-fiction/ and she always uploaded a play-list with each new chapter.

            Indeed, write your own, each story is different, and it always amazes me what people can write about vampires, it goes in so many directions!
            A nice Vampire movie is http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1692504/ We are the night, watch it in German though.
            And this one is pretty special too http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1139797/ (let the right one in)

            Looking forward to it!!!

            Goodnight DJ!

            • Ohh, Sorry, I was just saying, I “Need” to Write a Television Series and Use that Song… I haven’t Started Writing one

              I am doing a Blog Series though, I just E-mailed you the First Two Posts on “Word” like yah like it, Lol

              I’ve seen Previews for “Let The Right One In” Before… I always wanted to see that, it looks Amazing

              The other I haven’t heard of

              Also, I’ll check out that Fan Fiction Page

              Lol, Good to know you are indeed, a “Girl”, Lol

              Thanks H


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