DarkX – Allure Playlist 1

DarkX – Allure Playlist 1

Music From My Blog Series Allure…

(Plus 2 Bonus Tracks)






Daisy Arram

No Invitation Needed

Uncle Tom

The Night Will Come

Bonus Track 1

Bonus Track 2


11 responses to “DarkX – Allure Playlist 1

  1. I love your story Allure, and what a great idea to share the music here!!!
    Thanks for the bonus, Silence is one of my fav! it’s setting the tone for the upcoming chapters, what is coming….??? 😉

    • Hmm, the Video wasn’t working… I usually Test Them all, don’t know if they changed it or if I didn’t check it… For Silence that is.

      I’m glad you like the Idea of Doing This Post, I believe it may have been partly Inspired by Your Author that Posts Playlists for her Vampire Blog that you told me about… That may have been how the Idea Formulated in the back of my head, can’t be sure, Lol

      Great Song isn’t it? I’ve had it on My Itunes for a While, Several Versions of it if I remember Correctly… Anyway, I Changed The Video, so now you don’t have to leave the DarkX Site to Hear it.

      Yes, that’s a Good Idea, maybe I’ll use Silence on My Next “Allure” Post, which I do indeed need to Write

      Hee Hee


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