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  1. Haaaaaa I’m so glad I came to see if you had added anything new : ) I’m working on something I totally dislike, so music is helping 🙂 thanks!
    Let’s the music play now…

      • Well, it’s complicated but simply said, it’s a bunch of administrative work: printing, filing, typing, … and it needs to be done by Thursday, since I’ve “no” time in the week… I’ve postponed it over & over, of course now I’ve more work 😦 in 20′ I’m stopping, it’ll be 10pm and I’m f* tired of this BS Belgium administration thing lol I’m seriously considering moving elsewhere but my partner is more realistic and tells me we need to wait to make more money first and be able to work the business internationally , either to make sure I’ve a job there. Well he’s right of course, it doesn’t make more fun though 😉

        • Lol… Ah yes, Trance is definitely good for Admin. Work… I did 5 years of Data Entry/Order Entry/Filing/Invoicing Work back in the 90’s… Then I moved into Orthopedic Brace Sales for like 6 1/2 Years, burnt out, Started to Pursue Film Making and did a Couple Years of Customer Service just to pay the bills while I was pursuing that… Than I shifted to Screenplay Writing and did Admin. Assistant/Marketing Consulting for My Mom’s Boyfriend for like 3 Years… Then stopped Writing for like 4 1/2 years, and Now I’m Writing pretty much Full time, and do Work for My Mom’s Boyfriend when there is work… It’s been slow for like a year and a half.

          Yeah, Admin. Work is Important… Lack of Organization Etc. can really Sink yah


          • You’ve a whole career behind you Lol
            I’m also doing marketing, well I was doing network marketing which is great but it isn’t working out so great anymore here so I’m taking a break and I’m doing also telemarketing, it was from home which was cool but I haven’t had enough work this year so I’m doing it part-time as a temp too.
            Yeah I can only imagine, being an Architect in this economy and in the States where real estate crashed!!!
            I’d love to write full time too, well I ‘d love many things, I’m a dreamer I guess but I believe that’s a good thing : ) in the mean time, I need to pay the bills, not living home anymore, it had its benefits of course but Freedom is nice too 🙂
            Hum…Belgium is known for its bureaucracy and it’s still very socialistic, if you guys are complaining about “left” in The States, you’ve seen nothing lol
            I’m tired, I’m ranting lol

            • Lol

              Yeah I’m staying with My Mom and her Boyfriend at the moment, and before that I lived with my Girlfriend in Northern California for about a year and a half, and before that My Mom’s for a while… I had some health issues back in 2002, and since then I moved to Arizona and stayed with My Step Brother for a while, then back to My Moms, then up in Northern California near My Brother, then came back here, then out again living with My Girlfriend, and now here again, Lol

              The truth is I haven’t really been able to find or make a “Home”, or somewhere that felt like a Home, other than My Mom’s House… But that’s mainly because she lives in a Little Canyon 7 miles from the Ocean, and basically, I’ve never seen or been anywhere quite as Beautiful as this place…

              When I was with My Girlfriend, we did get her a Condominium, and it was the first place since My Mom’s that actually started to feel like a Home…

              I even Bar B Q’d 😀 Lol

              But, that relationship fell apart, and I’m kind of in the Middle again.

              Life is Awesome, but it is generally not what you expect it to be, Lol


              • And a lot of moving too, lol
                It’d feel like Home so close to the Ocean 🙂
                I never thought of “Home” until I almost lost mine when I was 12-13 and my mom said we might better move, I told her it’d be like taking my “roots” away, just like a tree and I had lost so much I could not take that, so we stayed. It’s a big sacrifice she made back then so I’m really grateful. But nowadays I just think of “Home” as where I’m, it doesn’t matter where exactly. But if my Home and the home = sea view I’m all in 😉

                Sometimes Life is exactly what you expected it to be, sometimes it takes you by surprise, but nothing happen “par hasard”, there’s no coincidence… I believe where you are right now is where you need to be, and if you dream of a new home, and a new relationship, it’s just a matter of time before it’ll manifest itself into your life…

                • Yeah, I feel like that right now, My Mom and Her Boyfriend aren’t making enough Money to Keep the House, and she’s had it for like 38 years… So, we gotta figure out what we’re going to do… There’s a Special Loan, but that might buy us a year or two to try and keep it, but then we’d need to Sell it… It would be a shame, I can’t tell you how beautiful it is here… It’s basically a Paradise… From here in our living room I can feel the Ocean Breeze blowing over the hills… It’s pretty Amazing

                  I love where I am honestly… In Life that is… Though I ran into medical stuff a while back, it caused me to get back in touch with so many things about myself that I really hadn’t focused on in a long while… Like Old Movies (which I really hadn’t seen many, now I’m a Huge Carey Grant Fan), and Baseball (Sounds silly, but Playing Professional Baseball was My First Dream as a 5 year old Child)… And Music, hadn’t really Listened to all that much music since I was a Teenager, so in My 30’s I got reacquainted with it…

                  And My Cat, Lol… Who was staying here with My Mom, and is so glad I’m back, ha

                  But more than anything, I’ve gotten back in touch with My Writing, which is like Breathing Oxygen for the First time

                  I’m not in a hurry to get in another relationship… Granted, I am in fact, in love with being in love… Like a True Libra, Lol

                  And I prefer to be in a Romantic Relationship, as opposed to not… But you can’t rush meeting someone, and you can’t rush love… Well, you can try, but you will pay for it, Lol


              • Not cool. Now, when you really want to keep the place, I’m sure you can figure out how to do that.

                So close to the Ocean, I bet many people would love living there. Maybe you could rent a room to a student or anyone else, which would bring a fix amout of money every month to pay the loan. There are also these websites where one can find a place to stay all over the world, you know like http://www.airbnb.com or http://www.couchsurfing.org/

                = a way to find people willing to pay for the room.

                I hope it’ll turn out good for you all! But I know there’s always a way : ) When my dad left, we had nothing except for roof over our heads and no money to pay for it, lol. We had no income, no insurance, no social security… we got groceries thanks to an uncle and my mom found a job, made money out of her skillsets she learned from working with my dad, she learned how to drive and she even went back to “school”. She paid the house, she even had to pay my dad’s half of the house. Ok it tooks years but she did it anyway : ) Now she’s having crazy problems with the house & her neighbour but she keeps it because she says it’s always a roof over my head if one day I’d need it.

                So I’m sure you’ll find a solution if you want it : )

                It’s awesome you feel that way ‘bout your Life! I guess there are so many things to discover about Life & ourselves! It’s great you are taking the time to LIVE!

                “Breathing Oxygen for the First time” : ) I know the feeling, it should always feel that way : )

                No indeed you can’t rush nor force love, it comes when it comes …

                • Thanks H… Yeah, we’ve Considered Finding a Renter… And there is a Large College Near by, so we might be able to Find someone

                  It wouldn’t be enough to Cover The Mortgage, but it would help

                  The Mortgage Got Larger a couple years back, because we had to Replace the Whole Septic System… Something that we had needed to do for years, and finally had to do it… That tacked on an extra $100,000 to the Mortgage, as it was a fortune to have it done… Especially when you Live up in the Hills like we do.

                  Hopefully we’ll figure it out

                  Thanks again for you Encouragement

                  Your Mom Sounds like an Amazing Woman… My Mom is also an Amazing Woman… My Dad and her Separated when I was 2, and she was left with 4 Kids… Two Years later they got back together to try and make it work, but My Mom had started doing Therapy, where My Dad tried one Session, and wouldn’t go back… In the end, they had grown apart, so she had to ask him to leave… I was only 5 then, but I remember thinking “Good… They aren’t a Good Match…” Lol

                  But, that left her raising 4 kids on her own, and Working Full Time, and Getting Counseling, and also “Training” in Psychology… Not so she could use it as a Profession, but so she could Survive her Life, lol

                  Thus I grew up Giantly Exposed to Psychology, and I basically Fell in Love with it… It makes understanding Life, and People’s Behavior, so much Clearer… But I was the only one of the Four Kids that liked, and likes, Psychology… My Brother and Two Sisters hate it, and feel her “Training” took her away from home too much… But I never felt that way… Yes, My Brother and I ended up Alone at night sometimes, which we didn’t like… But I feel My Mom Needed it… She had, had some tough things happen in her life, and it helped her survive, and deal with her Present Realities.

                  We were always tight on money, but My Dad did Pay Child Support, and Alimony to My Mom… He was always good about that.


                  • My mom needs also to do the septic thing.
                    Yes I had gathered that your Mom was Amazing 😉 Taking care of 4 kids on her own can’t be easy.
                    I can see why your brothers & sisters would feel that way, but growing up one should understand … At least you did, that’s great, well that’s Love…

    • Ah yeah really like the Mike Koglin one, he blends “Depeche Mode’s” Enjoy The Silence into it… Depeche Mode was one of My Favorite Bands in the 80-s-90’s

      Here yah go

      Yeah I really like that Song


  2. Thanks for both links, the ATB doesn’t work but I had just listened to it : )
    The French stuff I mostly don’t like, this isn’t bad though but well it’s French lol

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