DarkX – Allure Playlist 3

DarkX – Allure Playlist 3

Music From My Blog Series Allure…

Playlist 1

Playlist 2





The Wounded

The Hunt


The Truth



Unholy Alliance

Tough Times




4 responses to “DarkX – Allure Playlist 3

  1. Pretty cool the third one, it’s something else : )
    The first one doesn’t work, the link might be corrupted… same with Tiësto, Maroon 5 (cool video!)

    • The 3rd one is Cool, fits with the whole “Sensuality” Theme of Vampires I think… The First one is Katy Perry, might just be a “Europe” thing, seems to work for me… Tiesto, that’s odd that, that doesn’t work… Try this one

      The Maroon 5 one is cool, and actually the “Real” Video for the song kind of Sucks, Lol… I think they made this one for the People that didn’t like the other one, Lol… Like me


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