Winter Chillen Tunage DJ-

The Written Word

Welcome Winter, We Are Ready For You

Some Tunes To Coast You Through A Northern Morning

Athair Ar Neamh (Enya)

Nocturne (SubtractiveLAD/Where The Sun Meets The Sky)

Iceblink (Pass Into Silence)


PICTURE CREDIT – Winter, Frost, Snow, Trees

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Another Trance Set Whilst Implementing Line Editing Grammar Changes to My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha” DJ-

The Written Word

Sleepy Cat Trance Editing

Ok, so I’m done Implementing my Changes to My “Chess With Agatha” Fantasy Novel… Now I’m looking to add some of the Grammar Corrections supplied to me from my Good Friend Beth, who is doing Line Editing on the First Draft.

Last time with My Novella “I Died Once” I made some of those changes, but for the most part I just had Printed Copies of the Changes by my side as I worked with the actual Editor of the Book.

And we’d kind of use it as a Second Opinion Check Point… It helped a lot.

This time however, in hopes that it will help to make the Time with The Editor a bit more Efficient, especially since it’s a Longer Book, I’m going to start to put in some of the Grammar Corrections now… That way when I actually get…

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Editing Trance

Listening To Trance Whilst Editing DJ-

The Written Word

Editing Trance

Yes though I’m not ‘Truly’ Editing, I’m just implementing some changes I’ve made to My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha”… I Must Admit, Listening to Music, and in this case ‘Trance’, is one of the only things that helps me get through it, Lol

Yes, Yes, I know many people don’t consider Trance as being Music, but for me Listening to it is like Experiencing Emotions without Words… Words Engage a Different Part of My Mind… The Part of my Mind that might say “Arghhh! Editing!” Lol

To me Trance is like a River of Emotion Running through My Head

And Helps to make Editing More Methodical

But that’s just me

Here’s some songs that I’ve heard over My Pandora Trance Station whilst working on My Story Change Implementing

Cary Brothers – Ride (Teisto Remix)

M6 – Amazon Dawn (Original Mix)

Envio – Touched By The Sun (Airbase…

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DarkX – Music From My Poetry (Volume III)

DarkX – Music From My Poetry (Volume III)

Volume III Playlist of Songs I’ve Used with my Poetry

Volume I

Volume II









White Widow – (One of the Prettiest Scenes I’ve Ever Seen in a Film “The Company”)




James Taylor – Fire And Rain




(I Used Three Songs with this Poem)


U2 – I Will Follow



Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody



The Beatles – Let It Be



Lonely Night

Wings (Paul McCartney) – Maybe I’m Amazed



*These are all Poems from My Third Poetry Book, “Rain Shall Shine”, which I have yet to Self Publish