Editing Trance

Listening To Trance Whilst Editing DJ-

The Written Word

Editing Trance

Yes though I’m not ‘Truly’ Editing, I’m just implementing some changes I’ve made to My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha”… I Must Admit, Listening to Music, and in this case ‘Trance’, is one of the only things that helps me get through it, Lol

Yes, Yes, I know many people don’t consider Trance as being Music, but for me Listening to it is like Experiencing Emotions without Words… Words Engage a Different Part of My Mind… The Part of my Mind that might say “Arghhh! Editing!” Lol

To me Trance is like a River of Emotion Running through My Head

And Helps to make Editing More Methodical

But that’s just me

Here’s some songs that I’ve heard over My Pandora Trance Station whilst working on My Story Change Implementing

Cary Brothers – Ride (Teisto Remix)

M6 – Amazon Dawn (Original Mix)

Envio – Touched By The Sun (Airbase…

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