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      • I wish I could listen to more music while I’m writing, but that’s impossible to focus then. I’m reworking a complicate chapter and my head hurts by the end of the day lol
        Haven’t reply your message, so yes I’m writing 😉
        Thx for the break 🙂 & Success with YOUR editing! I hope you find a way to fund the editor you found! Yesterday I met a guy who specialized in a funding for writers, like kickstarter but only for books. Maybe you can find something like that in Us’… Xo

        • For me, Trance engages the part of my mind that doesn’t want to sit still and focus on something like Editing… So once that part of my mind is engaged, I’m relaxed, and able to do Editing. Music with words, however, can sometimes be difficult to listen to, especially whilst Writing. But Trance might have a Chorus, but nothing too distracting.

          Also, Ambient is good if Trance becomes to engaging, or distracting…

          What I’m doing right now is I’m trying to get “Chess With Agatha” as Pre-Edited as possible, in hopes that it will take less time for the Editor, and thus cost less.

          She already knocked it down from $40 an hour, to $30 an hour… But, like I say, if I can get it somewhat Edited, perhaps it will take her less time.

          We shall see.

          Between the 3, or 4 Writers that I am Friends with, I may be able to get this thing Edited without an actual Editor… But I’m hoping to have this Editor do the Final Sweep for/with me.


          • Yep, same here. Trance or Ambient, but no voices then.
            Here it’s more than editing, I’m rewriting some stuffs and it forces me to ponder some ideas about love, forgiveness, etc. So full thinking mode lol

            Anyway, you can certainly pre-edit yourself, it takes a lot of time, and it requires several readings but it’s financially worth it : )
            I’m doing it also on my own. My mom reads it too, some stuffs I ask my aunt. And I’ve a friend reading it at the moment to get a general feedback on the content. Next month the woman I told you about (the pro translator) should have the time to read it too. And Friday I went to a book signing to meet an editor who offered me a book last month after reading a review on my blog, she also said I could ask for her help if need be; which is very kind!

            Help is out there 🙂
            Have you tried on Fanfiction? most writers there have a beta-reader who helps them with editing. Some are great. You could look for Terri Botta http://www.fanfiction.net/u/75004/Terri-Botta She’s very talented! She might be able to suggest you a beta-reader.

            I bought a small book with great tips on writing. Like the difficult plurals, the punctuation…
            Plus on the Internet, I learned a bunch of stuffs.
            I don’t know if the same rules apply in English. Like for ex in French we use another sort of ” than in English!
            But I found out that if you end a sentence with … It’s only “…” (no , ) (and not: blue, green, yellow,…) OR that “etc.” at the end of a sentence = etc.. (2 points!) Or when to use a ;
            Plus in French, the rules changed in 1990 so many many words can be written differently and the word dictionary is confused! Both are allowed. Some people will think it’s wrong if you type “connait” and will say it’s “connaît” but both are correct today! I ended up changing at least 20 words yesterday!

            If you’d like I can always check out 1 chapter, see if I can help a bit? I’m just afraid that the rules in English diverged from ours. Like in French the rule for a conversation =
            « Avez-vous un rendez-vous ?
            – Oui, à 10h30.
            – Parfait, asseyez-vous, je vous prie. »

            But I don’t know in English. I know that in French we must use small – in a sentence instead of ( ) but with a space between like this:

            “Alors, pardonnez – c’est-à-dire ouvrez votre cœur – à tous ceux avec qui vous êtes en discorde, même s’il s’agit de personnes décédées envers qui vous éprouvez peut-être encore du ressentiment. Mais surtout pardonnez-vous à vous-même parce que le pardon vous rend libre ; il guérit votre cœur et ouvre la voie de l’harmonie…”

            But I read that in English, it’s longer – and no spaces!!!

            Complicated IT IS!

            OK back 2 writing!
            SUCCESS!!! xo

            • I’ll have to check out the Fanfiction thing

              I finished the first third of the book yesterday, as far as my Pre-Editing, which includes some of the Grammar and Line Editing from My Friend.

              I sent an E-mail to the Editor, I asked if she could peek at the first third of the book, and determine if she still thinks it would take her an hour per 1,000 words, which is what she quoted.

              I’m hoping in its current condition that maybe she can knock that down a bit… We shall see.

              I might like to send you the first third of the book, to get your opinion on the Story Flow Etc., you wouldn’t have to worry too much about the grammar, as like you say, I’m not sure where the differences are between French and English.

              You can let me know, I can either send you a Chapter, or I can send you the first third of the book, which is about 7,882 words… Like I say, you could just check out Story Flow Etc., so you wouldn’t have to have your Editing Hat on, so to speak.

              But if that’s too much, I can just send a Chapter like you mentioned.


              Good Luck with all your Thinking about Love and Forgiveness… I Love and Forgive you, if that helps, Hee Hee


              • Sure go ahead and send me the first third, I’ll read it on my computer or I might print it & enjoy it in the bus since I’ll have to take it a few times next week.

                Ha! I’m just done with this chapter, moving on to the editing & some extra notes in the chapter about beliefs : )

                But hey thanks 😉 XO

                • Lol, no problem xo

                  I took a break yesterday from Editing, but I need to get back to it, abut 75% done… With implementing my friends suggestions that is.

                  I’ll send you the first third, don’t want it to bog you down though

                  I’ve been printing out Chapters of one of My “Legends Undying” Writer’s Book, and reading them… I prefer that as well.

                  She wanted some input

                  Thanks H



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