DarkX – Chillstep Selection #24 (Running Time 1:12:40)

sad_girlDarkX – Chillstep Selection #24 (Running Time 1:12:40)

This is a Very Mellow Set, which lasts Just Over an Hour








Xan – Strings for a Queen [ 0:00 ]
CMA – Goodbye [ 5:27 ]
Dee Flack & Fracture Design – Mysterious Island [ 9:22 ]
Blackmill – Evil Beauty (yh Remix) [ 13:01 ]
2 Senses – Disappear [ 16:17 ]
Yinyues – Cosmos [ 20:29 ]
Electus – Metaphysics [ 23:46 ]
Anima – Another Valley [ 29:04 ]
Module Module & Graciellita – Journey Of Dreams
↑(ft. Sam LoCascio)↑ [ 33:29 ]
SkyFlair – Journey [ 36:59 ]
SizzleBird – Existence [ 41:50 ]
Jimmis – Natural Beauty [ 45:28 ]
Dj Pink3 – Open Your Eyes [ 48:15 ]
nExow – Just Feel Better [ 51:59 ]
Xenon Square – Far Far Away [ 55:36 ]
JacM – Just [ 59:12 ]
EvenS – Ayanami Rei [ 1:02:54 ]
Eveeh – Unity [ 1:06:06 ]

10 responses to “DarkX – Chillstep Selection #24 (Running Time 1:12:40)

      • I like the idea, especially because you shared the details so if there’s one I really like, I can look for that specific one. A pity, we can download them, would be nice on my phone. Well I can search for each one individually lol

        I hope you’re well, probably very busy with the book 😉


        • Argh, I need to be Editing… I mean… I am… But I keep breaking away from it, Lol A little bit trickier with this Book, cuz My Editor’s work isn’t the Final Copy. Was easier to sit in the same room with the Editor and do it together as we went, oh well. After I implement her stuff, I’m hoping my Sis can sit down with me for a couple hours and help me finish it up.



            • Thanks H, I actually talked to my Sis, and we’re going to try to get together a week from next Monday… That being the case, I finally felt freed up enough to clean up my First Draft of “Allure”, and send it to my friend to Review, and Line Edit… Books keep on rollen, Lol But there’s a lot of work involved to be sure. Weren’t you working on a New Cover for yours? Hope you are well.



              • that’s great, sweet of her 🙂

                still need to read the rest of Allure!!!

                yep, but no time, will wait until I’m done editing the last chapter. but I’ve a few important things to deal with first. Life comes first!

                it’s all good 🙂 xo

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