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DarkX – Music From My Poetry Posts (Volume I)

DarkX – Music From My Poetry Posts

Volume I

Similar to My “Allure” Playlists I’ve Started Posting here on Dark Xperience, I thought I’d start Creating/Posting Some Playlists Derived from Songs I’ve Used on the Posting of My Poetry on My “The Written Word” Site




In September of 2011, I was in the Heart of a Breakup… And was quite sad, which is when I started Writing, and Posting Poetry… I Listened to a lot of Evanescence during this Period.

These First Three Poems Were From My “Winter, Lust, And Wonder(Written Sep-Oct, 2011) Poetry Book, Which I Self Published in January, 2012.


A Grip on the Darkness

Evanescence – Ascension of the Spirit



Sweet Embrace

Evanescence – Anywhere




Evanescence – Everybody’s Fool (Instrumental Version)



Those Were The Only 3 of the 16 Poems in that Book, that I Posted With Music.


Dream Shift (Written Oct-Dec, 2011)

I didn’t Use Music with my Poetry Posts again until My 2nd Poem in My 2nd Volume of Poetry, “Dream Shift”… Which is yet to be Published…



Tron Legacy – Adagio for Tron



In This Next One, I actually Used Three Songs


Ethereal Transitions


Distance – Falling ft Alys Be (This One I Suggested Watching, And Listening To)



Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon (The Others Remix) (This One I Suggest Just Listening To)



Above And Beyond – Tri-State (This One I Actually Recommended Listening To Whilst Reading The Poem)



Thanks for Listening

More Volumes To Come